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Your Chinese New Year forecast for 2014

Today marks Chinese New Year and 2014 is the year of the horse. People born under the equine sign are said to be clever, kind, animated and energetic. They are naturally popular and have a great sense of humour. These are qualities that can be invaluable in the workplace, but what else can horses expect from the work year ahead?



Friendly, positive and sophisticated

This year will see new professional opportunities along with favourable changes of profit. But, be warned! Don’t let the success go to your head and keep that grounded attitude in whatever you do. Keep a look out for your lucky colour of green and the numbers 3, 4 and 9 as they may add to your prosperity. You are most compatible with tiger, sheep and dog signs so capitalise on these connections if you find them. While you are least compatible with rat, ox, rabbit or other horse signs, your friendly and positive nature should see you avoid conflict.

Not a horse person? Just because it’s not your year on the Chinese calendar doesn’t mean it won’t be your year in the workplace. Here’s what the other animal signs can expect from 2014:



Intellectual, imaginative and charming

The first half of the year will prove prosperous for job hunters and you could find yourself landing that dream job.



Honest, motivated and genuine

You may be unsatisfied in the workplace but keep your spirits up and be sure to stay clear of any office politics.



Brave, unpredictable and resilient

This year could see changes in your job situation, which you will cope with easily in typical tiger fashion.



Friendly, talented and calm

Your work will take up a lot of your time this year but don’t forget to balance it out by scheduling in some social catch-ups.



Innovative, self-assured and passionate

You may find yourself in a bit of a work rut this year, but your innovative streak will see you find a solution.



Wise, intuitive and charming

Be prepared to get the recognition you deserve from your supervisor or boss this year although look out for competition with colleagues.



Artistic, elegant and kind

You won’t just be following the flock this year, with signs of a work promotion in your new year forecast.



Witty, clever and resourceful

This is the year you need to be sure you complete tasks and not fall into the trap of continuously starting projects you can’t finish.



Hard-working, courageous and romantic

Roosters should particularly avoid looking back as they come into the new year and not be afraid of changes in job or the office.



Loyal, compassionate and honest

A possible job change might stop you chasing your tail and finally land that dream career you’ve always wanted.



Reliable, generous and devoted

Your work year could provide many challenges but you will continue to succeed in the face of adversity.

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