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Your top 5 in 2014: Articles you loved

Articles you loved in 2014

If you’re like us, then you face a terrible decision at the end of each workday:

Do you close all those article tabs you so optimistically opened?

Should you bookmark them for another day?

Or do you give up altogether because, let’s face it, there’s only so much advice one can take!

If this feeling is familiar, then you are certainly not alone. Earlier this year, New Zealand researchers from Victoria University found that we’re all reading more text than ever online, but that we also struggle to remember what on earth it was saying in the first place.

But don’t despair, because we’re getting to that wonderful time of year when content managers like us sort through the year’s winners and losers, and remind you of the things you really liked (or, wanted to read but never got around to).

So open these up in your browser and get ready to bask in self-satisfaction when you’ve consumed the top clicks of 2014 in one hit.

C'mon, get happy!
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6 ways to be happier in 2014

Been feeling a bit low about the state of the jobs market? Or just life in general?

These six quick tips on how to be happier hit the mark with our readers and might just get you skipping your way towards the new year with a new outlook.

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Earn big without a degree

10 high-paying jobs you won’t need a degree for

We can see why you all got on board this one – cha ching! If you’re still looking for a career change then maybe it’s easier to achieve than you think.

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Why your resume is like a burger

Why your resume is like a burger

There’s nothing quite like a juicy burger, and it seems a lot of you thought your CV could use some more juice, too.

Find out how to get the perfect balance of zest, grease and fresh ingredients with this tasty infographic. Warning: this post may induce hunger – for the job hunt!

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Where were the jobs in 2014?

Jobs Australia 2014 report unveils 10 top jobs

Earlier this year we spent some quality time with government job reports. We don’t think we improved our relationship with statistic-speak, but we certainly enjoyed hanging out with the numbers for a while.

If you’ve been finding it hard to work out what industries are up and down, then you can scan this now and thank us later.

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Online study is on the rise

Studying in 2014: could online courses become the new norm?

Ok, we’re not going to lie, this one still surprises us.

We’re pretty across online study, but when we decided to write a state-of-play we didn’t realise you would get so across it, too.

But to have an in-depth roundup of online courses as our top performing post this year only proves one thing: online courses are a seriously hot topic.

And if you didn’t know that already, then we can certainly get you up to speed.

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