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What is blended learning?

What happens when you combine the convenience of online study with the face-to-face interaction of a classroom environment? Blended learning.
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Australia's healthiest career path

We break down the top-employing categories of health care and social assistance so you know where the jobs are.
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The true blue guide to Aussie jobs

It’s Australia Day weekend so let’s celebrate this land of plenty by looking at some quintessentially Aussie occupations.
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10 Deskercises For Office Workers

Sitting on your gluteus maximus all day in the office can be hard work and even harder on your health. We road test some desk exercises to help you counteract the dangers of prolonged inactivity.
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Buzzwords: 'change management'

Change management might be one of the scarier bits of jargon out there, but rather than running in the opposite direction when you hear it, arm yourself with the right attitude. After all, change really is the only constant.
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Friday Playlist: Music to get you motivated

Getting back into the swing of things can be tremendously difficult if you’re returning from the Best Holiday of Your Life. Our Friday playlist can ease the pain.
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Introducing Open Training Institute

Career FAQs is pleased to welcome Open Training Institute as the newest member of our distance education family. 'Get awesome' at something that matters!
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Buzzwords: 'KPIs'

The corporate world is full of confusing acronyms that people throw around to sound super important. Find out the meaning of 'KPIs' as we tackle another business buzzword.
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Beating the back to work blues

If you're coming down with your first case of Mondayitis for 2014, here are some hot tips to help you beat those back to work blues.
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Matthew Johnstone - Best-selling Author, Illustrator, Public Speaker

Johnstone is the best-selling author of I Had a Black Dog – a beautifully illustrated and honest guide to his struggle with depression. Marni spoke to Johnstone to get his perspective on how we can be happier in our life and work.
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