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The 10 Skills You’ll Need By 2020 (And Beyond)

We take a look at the top 10 skills employers and recruiters will be looking for by 2020 to help you future-proof your career!
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8 Career-Defining Moves To Make In Your 30s

Your 30s are a great time to invest in yourself so you can continue to reap the rewards later on in your career. Here are 8 career goals to kick when you're in your thirties.
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8 Career-Defining Moves To Make In Your 40s

Smash it in the 'rush hour of life' with these 8 career goals to tick off in your 40s!
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Drop Everything And Read This Guide To Personal Branding

A strong personal brand is the key to personal and professional success. Here’s why - along with 9 great tips to create your own unforgettable brand.
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FEE-HELP: Study now, pay later

Everything you need to know about the Australian government's FEE-HELP loan scheme.
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How Much Do You Need To Earn To Be Happy?

Can money buy you happiness? A study from Princeton University reveals the magic number when it comes to the ideal salary for maximising happiness.
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7 Work/Life Balance Tips You Can Use Right Now

Struggling to strike a balance between work and play? Why you need to make a change, and 7 tips you can actually use.
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Breaking Into The Business of Beauty: 7 Tips for Making It On Your Own

If you're excited about the thought of breaking into the glamorous beauty industry but aren't quite sure where to start, these tips will get you on the right track.
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Boosting Graduate Employability Through Practical Work Experience

Many recent graduates are caught in a frustrating Catch-22: they can't get a job because they don't have experience, and they can't get experience because they don't have a job. A new business school is helping students to bridge the experience gap.
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Kitten And Puppy Pics Boost Your Productivity, According To Science

I can haz more productivity? Fellow office workers, I have good news for you. If you occasionally indulge in a bit of lolcats when you take a break, you may actually be helping your employer by being more productive when you get back to work!
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