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Looking for Education opportunities in Australia?

There are currently 429 Education job openings in Australia*. The average salary for an Education job in Australia is $62,109.

The Australian Government Department of Employment estimates a projected employment growth to 2018 of 118,800 jobs for the Education industry in Australia.

Gaining an Education qualification will significantly increase your career prospects for Education jobs in Australia. Studying an online course with an accredited Australian provider gives you the flexibility you need to study at your own pace.

Employment in the Education industry in Australia

Australia has a population of 23,625,031, with a total of 11,645,500 people currently employed. The average job seeker age for Australia is 37 years and the current unemployment rate sits at 5.7%. Part-time workers make up 46% of the workforce in Australia.

Education in Australia

  • The percentage of people employed in Australia with a bachelor's degree or higher qualification: 29%
  • The percentage of people employed in Australia with a cert III or higher VET qualification: 31%
  • The percentage of people employed in Australia without a post-school qualification: 36%

*Job openings in October 2019
Sources: Trovit Australia, SEEK, MyCareer, Labour Market Information Portal, PayScale, Open Universities Australia, Census QuickStats, Australian Jobs 2014 Report and 2014 Employment Outlook to November 2018 Report.

Need to get your Career ship-shape?
Then a Career Coach is a great place to start.

Primary School Teachers are trained and registered educators of children between the ages of 5 and 12. They implement a curriculum prescribed by the government< ... a curriculum prescribed by the government and designed to develop children's ... prescribed curriculum developed by the government. They assist with the development ...
English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers help new arrivals to Australia with little to no English language skills. They work with children and adults in government ... with children and adults in government and independent schools, private colleges ...
Early childhood teachers work with young children and are involved in planning lessons in literacy and numeracy, building confidence through creative lessons like art ... events, and can work in government owned preschools, early education classes ...
Special education teachers have a role ensuring all children and young people have equal access to education. They develop and deliver classes for students who have ... private practice, community education and government agencies. Gifted and talented program ...
 Jobs in education booming  Jobs in education booming

Whether you are interested in teaching kindergarten kids their ABCs or passing on your knowledge of quantitative physics to the next generation of Einsteins, there are ... retrain and upskill, often using funds they have received as redundancy ... the greatest shortages. The Federal Government's plan to overhaul universities is ...

 8 career options for language studies graduates  8 career options for language studies graduates

If you're an adventurous and ambitious person who loves new experiences, studying a language course could just open the opportunity of a lifetime. ... aid organisations, foreign affairs and government departments. These days language courses ... variety of non-English speaking groups. Government organisations that deal directly with ...

 Quality in qualifications: how the childcare industry is changing  Quality in qualifications: how the childcare industry is changing

Find out what changes to qualifications and ratios are occurring in the childcare sector and what this means for job opportunities. ... teaching. In 2012, the Australian government began implementing revised early childhood ... continue until 2020, with the government establishing the Australian Children's Education ...

 High demand for education and childcare professionals  High demand for education and childcare professionals

It's not always easy finding the right career path. For many people the choices can be overwhelming. For others the choices that they've already made in their career ... In January 2012, the Australian government changed its daycare staff:children ...

 Live and learn: working with children  Live and learn: working with children

We celebrate upcoming Children's Week by looking at the education journey, from infancy through to school. ... This is reflected by new government requirements for qualified teaching staff ...

 Higher education reform  Higher education reform

A review of our higher education system is set to be released for public discussion in mid-December - and it could revolutionise the way we view TAFE institutions and ... Bradley, will advise on the funding of higher education, student income ... TAFE's CEO, Bruce Mackenzie, says funding would be a step towards ...