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Deakin University Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media)

The Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media) is an undergraduate course that prepares students for exciting careers in digital media, film or advertising. ... of 18 core units and 6 elective units, encompassing the examination ... View course information.

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General Assembly Web Development Immersive

This Web Development Immersive course gives students the technical and problem-solving skills and best practice knowledge they need for a successful career as a web developer ... all the key areas in which web developers need to build ... View course information.

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General Assembly User Experience Design Immersive

This User Experience Design Immersive course sets students on the path to careers in UX design, equipping them with skills, techniques and strategies taught by top UX ... of five unique, hands-on projects, which will provide you with strong ... View course information.

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Looking for IT opportunities in Australia?

There are currently 84,890 IT job openings in Australia*. The average salary for an IT job in Australia is $101,463.

The Australian Government Department of Employment estimates a projected employment growth to 2018 of 88,700 jobs for the IT industry in Australia.

Gaining an IT qualification will significantly increase your career prospects for IT jobs in Australia. Studying an online course with an accredited Australian provider gives you the flexibility you need to study at your own pace.

Employment in the IT industry in Australia

Australia has a population of 23,625,031, with a total of 11,645,500 people currently employed. The average job seeker age for Australia is 37 years and the current unemployment rate sits at 5.7%. Part-time workers make up 46% of the workforce in Australia.

Education in Australia

  • The percentage of people employed in Australia with a bachelor's degree or higher qualification: 29%
  • The percentage of people employed in Australia with a cert III or higher VET qualification: 31%
  • The percentage of people employed in Australia without a post-school qualification: 36%

*Job openings in December 2019
Sources: Trovit Australia, SEEK, MyCareer, Labour Market Information Portal, PayScale, Open Universities Australia, Census QuickStats, Australian Jobs 2014 Report and 2014 Employment Outlook to November 2018 Report.

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Web Developers are basically the engineers and builders of the internet, they are programmers who create the code that governs the functionality of a website. Though ... with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which helps to improve the website's ... resources, there are other aspects which make for more successful web ...
'Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been.' A.Einstein Engineering is an occupation that has an exceptionally 'Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been.' ...
Data Analysts are IT professionals who are trained to collect, organise and interpret data in order to gain insights and information for businesses and organisations ... of raw data, all of which needs to be pruned, organised ... training courses, known as Bootcamps which focus on one or more ...
A UX designer's main job is to analyse and understand the way end-users are using a company's product. Once they do the research and analysis, their responsibility ... , UX designers analyse ways in which they can further optimise that ... any problems they have identified, which often comes hand in hand ...
 The IT crowd  The IT crowd

It's a ridiculous understatement to say that IT industries have blossomed in recent years - they've exploded. Information technology is now the cornerstone of modern ... technology constantly morphs and evolves. Which brings us to… Qualifications There ... instance, Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle and Six Sigma courses. These are available as ...

 Where you can take your IT career  Where you can take your IT career

Have you tried turning it off and on again? If you think this phrase sums up what a career in IT means, then think again. Here's the lowdown on the many directions you ... much anyone's interests'. Here are six broad areas to consider: IT ... few IT-related quals under your belt - such as the ITIL ...

 How To Future Proof Your Career  How To Future Proof Your Career

... of scoring full-time employment within six months, compared to those with ... embrace advancing technology. Check out 6 Ways To Future Proof Your ...

 The 25 skills you won't get hired without  The 25 skills you won't get hired without

The list of LinkedIn's 25 hottest skills for 2013 is a treasure map for job hunters, so keep reading to see where X marks the spot. ... develop these highly desirable skills. 6. User interface design User interface ... courses offer specific Java skills which are great for first timers ...

 Nine reasons to get a job in IT  Nine reasons to get a job in IT

Now has never been a better time to make the jump into the world of coding, hard drives and USB ports. The IT industry is calling. ... and Australia's strong productivity growth, which makes the IT industry one ... hell of an asset. 6. Expect nothing but the best ...

 10 jobs that the internet killed  10 jobs that the internet killed

The internet has changed the way we live in more ways than one. Julia takes a look at which jobs have had to take the exit ramp thanks to the information super ... setting foot in a branch. 6. Yellow pages deliveryman Phonebook disposal ...