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Detailed appreciative resignation letter

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If you are leaving your job and would like to leave on a personal note highlighting your appreciation for what you have experienced with and learned from your employer, use this sample resignation letter as a template for your formal notification.

Sarah Jenkins

179 Eagle Rd
Newbank NSW 2011
Tel: 0400 000 000
E: s.jenkins@email.com



Anne Watson

Managing Director
Quest Consulting
9 Bathurst St
Sydney NSW 2000


Dear Ms Watson

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from Quest Consulting. As per my employment contract, I am giving one month’s notice and my last day of employment will be 27 March 2014. I will ensure that all my projects are completed by that date and assist in any way possible to ensure a smooth handover to my replacement.

On a more personal note, let me express my gratitude for the wonderful opportunities for professional growth and development you have provided over the last six years. I have learned so much and your guidance and mentorship have been invaluable. I also greatly enjoyed working with such a supportive and dynamic team. Working on the Turner project was a particular highlight and provided me with one of the most satisfying experiences of my career.

While I am excited by the new opportunities that I will be pursuing, I will always remember my time at Quest with great fondness. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information after I leave, and also please keep in touch.

Kind regards

[sign here]

Sarah Jenkins

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