Selection criteria sample: Ability to apply academic knowledge and concepts to practical situations

The response to this selection criterion is modelled on the STAR approach.

I have worked with a local Community Justice Centre as a volunteer client assistant for the past 12 months. In this capacity, my academic training has enabled me to help local residents articulate issues and formulate and present coherent arguments in conflict situations. My responsibilities include helping people prepare their cases for mediation, which require me to regularly apply my academic knowledge and undertake additional research when necessary.

An example of this situation was when a resident in a difficult situation approached me for information and advice. I researched recent changes to the Tenancy Act 2007 and informed her of her rights and responsibilities as a tenant. She was able to use the information to resolve the issue to her advantage.

The result of this situation and similar ones have been the empowerment of clients who previously struggled to understand their circumstances. I have received excellent feedback from my supervisors, who have told me that my work has made a considerable difference to their clients. In addition, I have received several letters of thanks from clients whom I have helped.

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