Selection criteria sample: Ability to file, retrieve, shelve, and physically organise materials in a high volume environment

The response to this selection criterion is modelled on the STAR approach.

One of the duties of my current role is the maintenance, storage and organisation of paper-based customer and office files held at our company. These files need to be regularly accessed and, as such, it is important that they are kept tidy and easily identifiable. Paper-based reports are issued on a daily basis and I am responsible for the actioning and filing of several of these. I am also involved in the retrieval of archival material from our records department. This requires the initiation of an electronic search request.

Upon starting my current job I realised that the data filing system could be organised in a way that would make it more efficient and easier to locate files quickly. I gained permission from the manager and took on the task to reorganise the whole filing system of our department. I decided to use an alphabetical system with brightly coloured letters.

This was greatly appreciated by my colleagues and everyone agreed that it was a much better system that allowed us to locate files quickly and easily. This filing system that I implemented has now been used for the past five years and is also being introduced to other departments in the company.

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