Selection criteria sample: Good general knowledge with an interest in reading and current affairs

The response to this selection criterion is modelled on the STAR approach.

I love reading and enjoy keeping up to date on all news and current affairs. I subscribe to two newspapers – The Daily News and the weekend editions of the Sydney Morning Herald. I also purchase The Australian newspaper every day. I like to keep informed about current affairs both domestically and internationally. I am an avid watcher of ABC and SBS – my favourite programs are the news, history and current affairs television shows.

I enjoy taking part in Trivia nights to test my general knowledge in a fun environment. I recently participated in a Trivia night where my good knowledge of current affairs greatly contributed to my team’s success. I was awarded the ‘Most Knowledgeable’ prize for the evening.

I also have a large collection of books at home. In particular, I have an interest in medieval history, both fiction and non-fiction. My favourite authors are Sylvia Plath, Tim Winton, Jeffrey Eugenides and Charles Dickens, to name just a few.

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