Selection criteria sample: Proven experience using information and technology

The response to this selection criterion is modelled on the STAR approach.

As part of my degree program I was required to source information, verify its origins and analyse its implications. I utilised various technologies to undertake these tasks including the Internet, online library databases, and even microfiche. I am adept in all Microsoft Office software and have had some graphics experience with Creative Suite.

When I started working at the Smithtown Medical Research Institute there was no appropriate data management system that I could use to manage the fundraising project with local high schools.

I developed a database to manage the contact information for all sponsors, which also included records of when and why they were contacted, what the sponsorships agreement comprised and how it would be delivered. I managed this system throughout the project and ensured that it streamlined communication and information sharing amongst the project team members.

My initiative resulted in a streamlining of effort with no double handling, a clear record of activities undertaken and a database for future use for fundraising efforts.

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