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Roger Milhouse

2/56 Ralston Drive
Silicon Grove NSW 2000
M: 0401 101 010

Career Objective

Analytical, problem-solving computer analyst and programmer seeking a position where I can apply my skills and knowledge to design and implement innovative and efficient technical business solutions.


Master of Science – Computing (Honours)
Silicon Heights, NSW
University of Silicon Heights
To be completed: September 2012


Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)
Silicon Heights, NSW
University of Silicon Heights
Graduated: 2006


Technical Skills

Platforms: Microsoft Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/2003/VISTA/7/2008, Linux Fedora and Ubuntu

Languages: C/C++, Perl, Unix and Windows Scripting, Python, Turbo Pascal, PHP and HTML

DBMS: MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft Access

Tools: MS Office 2003/2007/2010, Adobe Suite CS5

Work Experience

January 2010 – Present
Analyst/Programmer, User Support, TechnoPRO
Sim City, NSW

TechnoPRO specialises in the development and implementation of management software.


  • Purchase, install and configure personal computers for the company, and set up their private network
  • Perform program testing, data analysis, database management, information system support and security, enterprise application integration and business analysis
  • Liaise with clients and manage client relationships to ensure delivery of highest standards of products and services


  • Developed software for managing stock, employees, sales and billing
August 2008 – November 2009
Analyst/Programmer, Cybersphere
Sim City, NSW


  • Managed database
  • Input financial data into the system, performed data analysis and generated performance indicators in percentage or amounts
  • Analysed outputs and wrote reports for future decision-making
  • Repaired computers, installed and configured software/hardware (Windows XP, hard disk, DVD-CD drive, sound card, network card), replaced RAM and performed general troubleshooting


  • Designed an automated system to calculate the performance ratio of listed companies at the end of each financial year
August 2006 – November 2007
User Support, Cybersphere
Sim City, NSW


  • Managed employee database
  • Prepared monthly and annual reports
  • Repaired computers, installed and configured software/hardware (Windows XP, hard disk, DVD-CD drive, sound card, network card and RAM)
  • Provided desktop support


  • Designed software to help manage employee payroll


Dr Matthew Kelly, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Silicon Heights, School of Computing & Mathematics
P: (02) 9123 4567
Wesley Jones
M: 0400 000 000

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