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Medical researcher resume

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Anne Lang

123 House Road
Sherbourne QLD 2000
M: 0422 222 222
H: (08) 9222 2222


My goal is to build a satisfying career in biochemical research, specialising in immunology.


University of Queensland
Brisbane QLD
Bachelor of Science in Medical Biochemistry
Graduated: 2006
Sherbourne High School
Queensland Certificate of Education
Graduated: 2002

Work Experience

Jul 2006 – Present: Graduate Research Assistant
Diamantina Institute
Brisbane QLD


  • Measure gene expression using RNA prepared from blood
  • Perform diagnostic assays, polymerase chain reaction, DNA sequence analysis, protein purification, electrophoresis and spectrophotometry
  • Process blood samples and cell culture assays
  • Complete pro forma reports
  • Data entry


  • Running polymerase chain reactions, I discovered inconsistencies in cell development
  • Compiled research reports used by the Department of Science in its research into multiple sclerosis
Mar 2005 – July 2006: Teaching Assistant
University of Queensland
Brisbane QLD


  • Led undergraduate science students in conducting DNA testing
  • Conducted undergraduate student tutorials
  • Evaluated student performances in laboratory experiments and report writing


  • Received excellent student teaching reviews
  • University recognition for contribution to studies in genetic testing
Nov 2003 – Feb 2004: Summer internship
Informa Diagnostics
Brisbane QLD


  • Prepared cell cultures
  • Performed cellular evaluation (FBC, MCV, EST, haematocrit) and biochemical analysis
  • Completed occupational health and safety training


Category Name Proficiency Yrs experience Last Used
Computer Bioinformatics Intermediate 5 yrs Use currently
Computer Microsoft Word, Excel Advanced 11 yrs Use currently
Computer PowerPoint Intermediate 7 yrs Use currently



Nov 2004 – May 2006: University Students’ Chemistry Society (USCS)

  • Organised guest lectures on various topics of interest
  • Organised the society’s seminars and presentations
  • Assisted in the organisation of the Australasian Forensic Science Society conference
  • Assisted in the organisation of UQ Union events

2004 – Present: Member of the Australian Scientist Chess Club


Dr Paul Brown - Department of Immunology
Diamantina Institute
Phone: (08) 5566 7788
Professor Leah Jones - Senior Lecturer
University of Queensland
Phone: (08) 1234 5678

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