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About Theology

Theology offers specialised training in religious studies through critical thinking and pastoral studies. It was defined by Augustine of Hippo, also known as Saint Augustine, as ‘reasoning or discussion concerning the Deity’.

A course in theology provides deeper investigation into religious thought than simply learning about the Christian faith. Theological study encourages independent and critical thought, as well as building up skills in analysis, problem-solving and communication that can be used across a range of professions.

If you are looking at pursuing a career path in the church then studying theology will provide you with the foundation you need. You will cover topics such as church history and the Old and New Testaments, as well as consider the concept of deity itself. Theology is an ideal pathway for those looking at roles in the ministry, church leadership, chaplaincy or church-run non-government organisations and missions.

Potential theology career outcomes include: Religious Writer, Theology Teacher, Clergy Member, Minister, Scripture Translator, Charity Worker, Theology Researcher.

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