8 Kris Kringle gifts that won't get you fired

So you pulled Rita from accounts in the office Kris Kringle draw, when you really wanted Antonio from sales. Now what? You were building up such a rapport with Antonio and you hardly know Rita at all! Finding a suitable Kris Kringle gift that simultaneously says nothing offensive about your receiver and says everything about your awesomeness is difficult. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back with some gift ideas for all the Ritas* out there.

*By Rita we mean anyone of any age, sex or taste. 

Mini shopping cart

People love miniature things. And this applies to this mini shopping cart. For someone who thoroughly enjoys the weekly grocery shop more than most people, or who has a penchant for eccentric storage ideas.

Shopping cart

New York magnetic poetry

Most people have fridges. And most people love New York. Can’t lose. 

New York Magnetic Poetry

Snowman cookie kit

Rather than slapping a red bow on the top of a Walker’s Shortbread tin, make Rita do some of the armwork with a make-your-own cookie kit. There is also a good chance that she’ll be so enamoured with your gift that she’ll bring you some to sample. 

Snowman Cookie Kit


I don’t like alcohol. Said no one ever. 


Chocolate mint tea

Or play it safe by giving Rita some tea in a fancy box. But inject some fun by choosing a quirky flavour. You can’t go wrong with a classic combination (did someone say Mint Slice?) and even if it tastes crap, as most flavoured teas are wont to do, the novelty will still impress.

Chocolate mint tea

Nail stickers

If Rita is a young, female 20-something who always looks well groomed, then this gift will be more exciting than the rose-smelling bath bombs you had your eye on. 

Nails stickers

Giant gobstopper

If Rita is a child trapped in an adult’s body then she’ll have hours of fun – 28, in fact – with this awesome gift. 

Giant gobstopper

Bacon toothpaste

Because bacon.

Bacon toothpaste

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