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10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make Sure You Get The Job

Finding a new job can feel like a job in itself! Here are 10 things you can do right now to instantly amp up your job search.

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This Is What The Ideal LinkedIn Photo Looks Like (+ 6 Tips To Perfect Yours!)

These days, your clients, potential employers, recruiters and future colleagues alike are likely to have Googled you (and judged your LinkedIn profile) before they’ve met you. Here’s how to put your best face forward.

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10 High-Paying Jobs You Won't Need A Degree For

Didn’t go to uni? Don’t have a degree? Don’t let that hold you back. Vivien takes a closer look at 10 career paths that will have you swimming in dough, not drowning in HECS debt.

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How To Negotiate Your Pay And Get The Raise You Deserve

Not negotiating your salary at every opportunity means that you could be robbing yourself of over $600,000 over the course of your working life. Here are 11 scientifically backed negotiation strategies to help you get the raise you deserve.

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How To Ask Someone To Be Your Mentor: An Email Template

Asking someone to be your mentor is serious stuff – but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from it. Here's how to ask someone to be your mentor - and how to convince them that it's worth their while.

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How To Follow Up With A New Networking Contact: An Email Template

Networking is all about the follow-up. But there’s no denying that it can be pretty awkward reaching out to someone you’ve met only once. So, if you’ve struck gold and found someone you want to keep in touch with, here's how to reach out to them.

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How To Ask For A Letter of Recommendation: An Email Template

If you’re looking for a new job or putting together an application to head back to school, you've got better things to worry about than how to ask for a letter of recommendation. Here’s an email template that takes the guesswork out of it.

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10 Pre-Written Templates For Your Toughest Work Emails

We’re serving up 10 perfectly phrased, concisely written and completely diplomatic email templates to help you conquer your toughest work emails and navigate those awkward work scenarios with the poise and grace of an Email Etiquette Ninja.

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8 Career-Defining Moves To Make In Your 20s

Don’t throw away your twenties, hoping that stuff will work itself out. Claim this defining decade of your life and set your career up for later life!

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The 10 Skills You’ll Need By 2020 (And Beyond)

We take a look at the top 10 skills employers and recruiters will be looking for by 2020 to help you future-proof your career!

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