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How to Find 'The One' When Choosing An MBA

How to Choose an MBA in Australia

Studying a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Australia is a big investment in your future. It can open up a whole world of career possibilities – whether you’re looking to advance in your current role or seeking to change your career path. However, it does require a big commitment. There’s the cost to consider, of course; but there’s also the time factor. Most people need to study for their MBA around their other commitments – such as work and family – so you need to be confident that you choose the right one out of all the MBA courses out there, not only for your professional goals but also to fit in with your life.

Here are some of the key things to consider when deciding which MBA to choose.

Study mode options

If you’re undertaking an MBA in Australia, you want to study in a way that best suits your lifestyle and your learning preferences. So look at the study modes that are offered on different MBA courses.

Many postgraduate students prefer the convenience of studying online – meaning you can essentially study anywhere, anytime. However, you may prefer to interact with your tutors and peers then studying on campus could be the way for you - permitting there is a campus within a reasonable distance from home of course. It goes without saying that studying online is less limiting in terms of providers you can choose from as location won't be a factor. Ultimately choosing the right study mode will put you in the right mind frame and ensure success in your MBA. 

How flexible is the course? 

Some MBA courses in Australia have a structured path through the degree so that you have the option to exit – but still with a professional qualification if your circumstances change. Articulated programs typically offer two or three qualifications that you achieve upon completion of a certain number of subjects in the MBA.

So you could decide to stop at a graduate diploma or graduate certificate if you’ve met your study goals or experience a change in your life that means you need to pause your studies. You can always return to complete the remaining subjects and get your MBA at a later date with credit for the subjects you have already studied - win-win!

Look at the specialisations

If you’re looking at undertaking postgraduate study, chances are you know where you want to take your career next. Depending on which MBA you choose, you could fast-track your career, move into another area or go for promotion.

It’s important, therefore, to review the specialisations and elective options available throughout each MBA that you are considering. You want to make sure you will have the option to tailor your study to the fields of business that most interest you and that align with your professional ambitions.

Whether you want to focus on human resource management, information technology, marketing, sustainability in business, finance or the public sector, you need to ensure the MBA course has the subjects you need to study. Check out which industries value MBAs the most here. 

Investigate recognition of prior learning

If you’ve already undertaken some relevant postgraduate study, you could gain credit for it towards your MBA. So when determining which MBA to choose, consider credit arrangements that allow you to graduate faster – and at a lower cost. You can sometimes get credit for study you’ve completed as long as 10 years ago.

Make the right choice

An MBA in Australia can be a passport to career success and often an increase in salary, not only at home but internationally as well. Keep these factors in mind when deciding which MBA course to choose – as well as your future professional ambitions. 

This article was produced for CareerFAQs by Charles Sturt University

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