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Celia Cecchi - I Scream Nails


Since its debut as a pop-up nail art salon in 2012, I Scream Nails has exploded across the Australian nail scene! See how Celia turned her love for nail art into the 'go-to' company for nail art events, collaborating with some of the biggest brands including The Coca-Cola Group, Westfield, David Jones, The Melbourne Cup Carnival and more, and now produces a 100% vegan nail polish range. 

When did I Scream Nails Start?

I began I Scream Nails in 2012 and have been the director ever since. 

How long have you been a nail artist?

I had been practising nail art for a few years before I started I Scream Nails but I no longer do nail art as I am purely focusing on the business side of things.

What did you study to get into beauty and nails?

It was my hobby and passion!

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Good question! I never had any idea what I wanted to do. I worked in the corporate world for a long time until I found my passion which was nails/nail art and I Scream Nails!

What was your first job?

Pizza Hut!

When did you first know you wanted to be a nail artist?

I knew I loved nails forever and then started experimenting with nails. My passion progressed from doing the nail art myself to running a business, which is what I do now.

Explain a typical day at work

I wake up early, have a cuppa and a shower and walk to work - it's about a 40-minute walk, while I walk I listen to podcasts, I have a bunch of podcasts I am obsessed with! I think it's important to think about things other than work first thing in the morning. Get into work and it's go go go! Developing new colours, quoting corporate jobs, planning new products, launches, marketing social media, finance meetings, emails OMG it never stops!

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened to you in this career?

Starting my own business has definitely been the most interesting thing that has happened in my career. There are lots of interesting things that happen daily but the main thing is what can come from a simple idea and how it can snowball into something amazing!

Name the best and worst parts of your job

The best part of my job is creating something that doesn’t exist, that’s pretty cool and working alongside my partner Ben. The worst part of my job is never switching off!

What’s the most important career tip someone has given you?

Keep it simple – don’t do too many things. Still trying to implement that!

Where do people have to start to get into nail artistry and what is a standard salary package for this role?

Practise yourself at home! Most nail artists are self-taught!! Watch all the I Scream Nails tutorials!

Name a career highlight

There have been so many! We’ve worked with lots of amazing brands and businesses including a recent collab with Fanta, Sony Music and being stocked in Morocco’s newest major beauty retailer Yan & One.

What’s next for you?

Even though some of our product is already available in the US we are about to make our full range available to the US (which is half of our following) and our US clients will be able to purchase our product directly through us! Very excited about this. Other exciting things coming up is that we are currently developing some nail art tools. 

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