Emma Blomfield – Interior Stylist & Co-Founder @ The Decorating School

Posted October 26, 2017, by Jenny Sakr
Emma Blomfield – Interior Stylist & Co-Founder @ The Decorating School

Emma has worked in interiors for eight years and has made the most of every day, cramming in as much as she can! Throughout her years she's, started a business, The Decorating School, decorated Guy Sebastian's beach house, led decorating workshops, wrote a book and decorated hundreds of homes across Australia. 

What did you study and what are the steps you took to be where you are today?

Bachelor of Business (Marketing). I finished during the GFC and couldn't find marketing jobs. Stayed in my retail job doing visual merchandising and found my love of arranging things. Eventually, I got a lucky break with an interior designer where I started my career in interiors.

What inspired this career path?

I've always had a passion for interiors and arranging and styling. I was obsessed with the computer game The Sims where you create a house for your virtual family. It's no surprise I've ended up with a virtual decorating service considering where it all started as a kid! 

Tell us a little more about your role and The Decorating School...

Sonya (my co-founder) and I both bring different skill sets to TDS. My focus is content creation, marketing and decorating.  
For my own interior design business, I meet with the clients and work on the designs for their homes and style it all up once the new furniture is purchased.
Both roles tie in together nicely.

Explain a typical day on the job

There are no typical days really. Some days I'm sitting on a studio floor arranging items on a piece of cardboard for flat lays, other days I'm installing a wedding with florals, meeting clients and having a sticky beak at their homes or I'm sitting at my laptop designing new spaces for clients. 

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened to you in your career?

Writing my book HOME and releasing it this year. Writing it was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I worked with an amazing publishing team to bring it to life.

Name the best and worst parts of your job

Best: Getting to see such a huge variety of homes - I'm a massive real estate nerd so I find it fascinating seeing inside some of Australia's most amazing homes.

Worst: I dislike the admin and financial side of running a business but it's one of the most important parts so I have to force myself to pay attention!

What’s the most important career tip someone has given you?

Do what you love and find a way to monetise it.

What do you wish someone had told you before going into interior styling?

When you run your own business in this industry it's not 100% styling, knowing how to run a business, how to sell yourself and how to manage the finances are a HUGE portion that cannot be overlooked.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start their own small business?

I work with a lot of decorators via my coaching service and the one thing I say most is "just start". There is never a perfect moment to start a business so just get on with it.

What qualities and skills should people have if they want to become an interior stylist?

If you aren't prepared to do the hard work and heavy lifting this isn't the career for you. You need to be able to think on your feet because quite often a photoshoot doesn't go to plan.

Where do people have to start to get into interior styling what is the standard salary?

Offer your services for free. It's a tricky industry to get into and it's more about who you know than what you know to get ahead, so working for free for a while not only gets you valuable experience but also connects you to the right people. 

Where would we most likely find you when you're not working away?

I'm born and raised in the city but escape to the family farm in the country whenever I'm given the chance where I have 4 fluffy donkeys who demand a lot of love and attention. I am the master of making cheeseboards and if I'm invited anywhere that's usually what I'm asked to bring/create. 

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Jenny Sakr
Jenny Sakr

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