Fabiola Gomez – Founder & CEO of LUXit

Posted April 8, 2019, by Jenny
Fabiola Gomez – Founder & CEO of LUXit

Meet Fabiola, founder and visionary of LUXit – award-winning premium beauty service app, bringing an elite salon experience to you. With a background spanning over 20 years in high fashion, beauty and luxury lines – Fabiola is well acquainted with all things lux. 

Lawyer turned entrepreneur, she describes herself as a creative Capricorn who believes energy is everything and has a real love for art and mentoring students. Read her advice for anyone wanting to start their own small business and how she made her mark as a respected manager and successful business owner.

Tell us what a day in your world may look like

I wake up naturally; usually around 4:30. Being a creature of habit, my day begins with my morning rituals. Meditation, expressing my intentions for the day and visualisation are key to my routine.

I begin my workday by meeting with my team. They report on their progress and the critical tasks that need my attention.

In the morning we focus on what we have planned and complete these tasks. The second half of the day is left to responding to emails, calls and any questions my team may have. I am also always looking to expand LUXit, even daily. This includes meeting with new artists and therapists, with the possibility of recruiting them. I have a passion for meeting people face-to-face and understanding their energy.

Similar to morning, my night ritual involves expressing gratitude for everything in the day and listing the day’s achievements. I practice Dr. Dispenza’s rewiring the brain and reconditioning practice.

Tell us about your study and career journey

I studied law at Bond University, then went on to start my working life as a property and commercial lawyer.

In 2004, amid the rise of technology-based businesses, I was appointed GM of Blink Online Dating, recognised for employing affiliate links and advertising ahead of the curve, and spearheading the use of online database strategies which significantly expanded the company’s reach.

I then applied my proven strategic business talents to the fashion realm, where I served at different times as general manager for two of Australia’s most iconic designers, Camilla Australia, and Leona Edmiston.

My latest business venture is LUXit – your beauty concierge an on-demand beauty, wellbeing, and lifestyle app.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I was always fascinated by the freight industry; its fundamental role and logistical aspects. With LUXit, I get to see the logistical side of connecting beauty professionals with clients.

You have a strong background in management. Tell us what qualities a good manager should have

The ability to listen, organise, and motivate your team is extremely important for a successful manager. Clear and concise communication and strong EQ are also invaluable.

Tell us about LUXit and what inspired it

I was already the go-to person for people to contact beauty professionals and was doing it out of love because I’m very much a ‘yes’ person and I love making people happy. That’s when the idea of LUXit became apparent as I understood that there’s a possibility of a commercial side to this concept.

The idea of LUXit turned from just an idea to reality as I understood that time-poor people needed this service, but more importantly, would use it.

Name a career highlight

One career highlight would be completing the first booking that was not a friend or family member and having the business officially running. When we got the first ever 5-star review by a paying customer of the app, it was another amazing moment for the company.

What career advice do you wish someone had given you after you graduated high school?

That it’s okay to change careers multiple times in your life.

What important qualities and skills should people have if they want to start their own business?

I believe people want to start a small business the following three qualities are a must!

  1. Resilience; you are going to need this to bounce back and be able to learn from that experience
  2. Ability to think of Plan B and C. Do not just stop at Plan A, this is just the surface
  3. Research deeply, be skeptical of what you are told. Don’t skim over the small details, you can’t afford to miss anything.

What’s next for you?

Continue to grow and expand the services that are available on LUXit for our clients and be available in major capital cities around the world.

Give us a Fabiola fun fact

I don’t cook. My parents were restauranters and I stayed away from the kitchen, so I guess that’s why I love dining out.

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