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Selection Criteria Sample: Good General Knowledge With An Interest In Reading And Current Affairs

Use this template to demonstrate you have good general knowledge and an interest in reading and current affairs

Writing knock-out responses to key selection criteria is critical if you’re applying for a role within the public sector.

If the job ad asks you to demonstrate that you possess good general knowledge as well as an interest in current affairs, use the below sample response as inspiration for what you write. 

Selection criteria example: Good general knowledge with an interest in reading and current affairs

I love reading and enjoy keeping up to date on all news and current affairs. I subscribe to two newspapers – The Daily News and the weekend editions of the Sydney Morning Herald. I also purchase The Australian newspaper every day. I like to keep informed about current affairs both domestically and internationally. I am an avid watcher of ABC and SBS – my favourite programs are the news, history and current affairs television shows.

I enjoy taking part in Trivia nights to test my general knowledge in a fun environment. I recently participated in a Trivia night where my good knowledge of current affairs greatly contributed to my team’s success. I was awarded the ‘Most Knowledgeable’ prize for the evening.

I also have a large collection of books at home. In particular, I have an interest in medieval history, both fiction and non-fiction. My favourite authors are Sylvia Plath, Tim Winton, Jeffrey Eugenides and Charles Dickens, to name just a few.

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