Games artist graduate job advertisement

This sample job advertisement for a graduate games artist has a sample resume and cover letter specifically written for this position to help you put together a winning job application.

Graduate Junior Artist

8-Bit Industries is an independent game development company based in Melbourne. We are offering a quality salary and lifestyle package to the right individual.

The Graduate Junior Artist will be contracted for six months to work on the final part of the Art production process of a next-generation console title. At the end of the project he/she will have production experience on a finished title, and may be offered a permanent contract.

The successful applicant will need a recognised art qualification, a high quality showreel and a genuine passion for creating and playing video games. They will also need to be qualified for the following responsibilities:

  • Dressing and placing objects in the world with pre-made and modelled objects (Maya)
  • Placing the navigation system in the game
  • Texturing and modelling

Apply NOW by emailing or posting your resume to:

8-Bit Industries
PO Box 212
Marley VIC 3000
[email protected]

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