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Elliot Doug

10 Smith Street
Smithfield VIC 3333
 M: 0441 123 321
 T: (03) 9456 6543
E: [email protected]


My professional aim is to work with other passionate people to develop groundbreaking interactive games.


University of Smithfield
Smithfield, VIC
Bachelor of Computer Science (First Class Honours)
Graduated: 2005
Smithfield High School
Smithfield, VIC
Higher School Certificate
Graduated: 2002

Work Experience

June 2008 – Present: Games Programmer
Stingray Studios
Lexington, VIC

Stingray Studios is an independent games developer producing titles for next-generation consoles.


  • Programming and implementing technical and game design documents
  • Completing programming tasks to schedule
  • Performing functional testing on code
  • Fixing bugs
  • Lead the team while the Lead Programmer was on leave


  • Worked with the Lead Programmer to design the most complex components and architecture of core systems and game systems for The Return of the Thing (TRT)
  • Worked with the Lead Programmer to design the most complex components and architecture of core systems and game systems for The Return of the Thing (TRT)
January 2006 – May 2008: Games Coder
Point Blank Studios
Kogarah, VIC

Point Blank Studios is one of Australia’s largest interactive games developers, specialising in the creation of stadium-based sporting titles.


  • Applied an understanding of the various data structures and algorithms used in real-time applications to write code for Rugby World Cup (RWC).
  • Applied software engineering principles and practices to create relevant software.


  • Was part of a team that delivered de-bugged code for RWC two months ahead of schedule.
March 2005: Intern
Point Blank Studios
Kogarah, VIC

I received a placement via Film Victoria’s Digital Media Internship program and worked with Point Blank Studios on a part-time basis for 28 weeks. During the internship, I assisted the engine coding and games coding teams to develop Ricky Ponting’s Test Match Challenge.


Software Proficiency Experience
CC++ Advanced 5 years
Fortran Intermediate 3 years
Java Advanced 5 years
Pascal Basic 4 years
ASP Intermediate 5 years
Javascript Advanced 5 years
Perl Advanced 4 years
PHP Intermediate 5 years
Unix Shell scripting Intermediate 4 years
VB Script Intermediate 3 years
ATL Intermediate 5 years
CGI Advanced 3 months


Extracurricular Activities

2002: Awarded Film Victoria Digital Media Internship

2002: Awarded Vice Chancellor’s Prize for final year computer science students.

Personal Interests and Activities

I am involved in some open source and online game development projects. These provide me with a set of unique problems that help hone my C++ skills and at the same time give me immediate feedback on my progress. I also play basketball and am learning the piano.

I regard myself as a motivated, creative and goal-orientated individual. I thrive on challenges, work well under pressure and value teamwork.


Samantha Croft
Managing Director
Stingray Studios
Phone:(03) 9876 5432
Email: [email protected]
Hannibal Freeman
HR Manager
Point Blank Studios
Phone:(03) 1455 5445
Email:[email protected]
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