Pet grooming assistant sample cover letter

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Dorothy Potplant
15 Terracotta Road
Poppyville QLD 5454
0000 000 000
(07) 1010 1010
[email protected]


Alice Lovepug
Care Manager
Pet Pals Care
88 Equestrian Lane
Brisbane QLD 6000

Dear Ms Lovepug

Re: Pet Grooming Assistant position, Ref: 125MF

I wish to apply for the position of Pet Grooming Assistant, as advertised on

I am a passionate dog owner with a background in administration and customer service, looking for an exciting and rewarding career change. I’ve recently completed the Cengage Education Pet Grooming course in which I have learnt the fundamentals of grooming practices and standards, as well as dog and cat personalities.

As a lover of all animals, big and small, and the Secretary of Dogs4Life I have had extensive experience handling animals, in particular dogs of all breeds.

My work with Dogs4Life, a community club that rescues and finds new homes for stray dogs, has given me the knowledge of how to deal with aggressive or timid animals and even identify symptoms of skin conditions and diseases.

I am an enthusiastic and diligent worker and am excited about learning the techniques of animal grooming.

Working 10 years in the administration and office environment, I have extensive experience in performing administration tasks such as answering phones, responding to enquires, processing invoices and handling mail and deliveries. I also have excellent communication and people skills, strengthened by my experience in customer services.

I would love the opportunity to launch my new career in the pet grooming industry with your team. My resume is attached and I look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.

Kind Regards

[sign here]

Dorothy Potplant

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