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Richard Huang
20 Kensington Avenue
Clarkston QLD 4005
E: [email protected]
T: 07 9999 9999
M: 0404 111 000
W: richardhuang.com.au
ABN: 999 999 999 999


Steve Jenkins

IT Recruitment Coordinator
ABC Recruitment
2/43 Murphy Street
Caulfield QLD 4000

Dear Mr Jenkins

Ref: WD765

Please accept this letter and the attached resume as my application for the role of Web Designer/Developer as advertised on seek.com.au on 17 October.

I believe that, with my skills, experience and attitudes, I can bring a lot to the company and am excited about the prospect. My background is in web development but in the past few years I have turned my focus to web design and hope to develop my career further within a design agency.

I am proficient using HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash, ActionScript, Java and C/C++. My last project at Resin8 IT Designers involved designing an SQL database, which I was able to complete well before deadline and for which the company has had very positive feedback. The project before that involved building custom interfaces and the client was impressed with my diplomacy skills and the way I was able to communicate to find out exactly what he wanted, and then bring the planned vision to life, working under pressure.

W3C standards, SEO and capabilities of different web browsers are factors I always keep in mind while designing and developing web content and my referees can speak for my excellent coding standards.

I enjoy working in a team. At university I offered my IT/design skills to the Chinese Club and I was an IT volunteer at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. I regularly volunteer some time to the RSPCA for their web design/development needs.

I am also productive and focussed working independently. You can see some of my work on my personal projects on my website at richardhuang.com.au.

Please refer to my resume for my full skills matrix and I hope to hear from you soon.


Yours sincerely

[sign here]

Richard Zhou

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