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About Journalism

Become a watchdog for our society, and report on the happenings of the complex, contemporary world in which we live.

Journalism courses will prepare students to thrive in this fast-paced industry. Potential subjects that will be taught include: principles and practices of journalism, news reporting, feature writing, audio and video journalism, research strategies, storytelling and ethics.

The practice of journalism covers a range of fields and environments, from jobs in traditional print and online newspapers and magazines, through to working in television, radio or publishing.

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News & Views

Jordana Rooz - Advertising Coordinator, Cosmopolitan magazine

'I did lots of work experience! I started doing internships before I finished my degree and was at ACP for eighteen months.'

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Martine Allars - Editor, Preschool titles, ACP Magazines

'I particularly like the kids’ market because it’s so much more real. Kids are direct and no-nonsense and I think that translates in the work that I do, and the working environment we create the magazine in.'

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How to start your career as a freelance journalist

Writing a weekly sex column filled with metaphors and rhyming couplets will not buy you daily Cosmopolitans at lunch, let alone a pair of Jimmy Choos.

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