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CUA41115 Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging

Give life to your career in digital photography with this online Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging (CUA4115) course offered by North Coast TAFE.

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About Photography

These days everyone’s a photographer, but not many can claim to work as photographers. If you’re always on the end of a camera and want to find a way to get your images seen and sold, then you will need to find a way to stand out from the rest of the Instagramming, lomography-ing, SLR-wielding crowd.

We now have all the tools we need to shoot, edit and publish images within seconds – and many of us need to in order to feed our ever-hungry virtual information cycle. We’re looking at many more pictures in the average day than we ever have before – on our phones, iPads, televisions and outdoor advertising – so as technology continues to develop and the general public becomes more visually sophisticated, photographers have ever higher standards to reach and more diverse kinds of content to illustrate. In fact, market research firm Yankelovich, Skelly and White says we see over 5000 ad messages per day, compared to 2000 just 30 years ago.

While getting noticed might be a challenge on the one hand, photographers today also work on a world stage with more technological possibilities than ever before, so it’s an exciting time for anyone who wants to turn ideas into images. Whether you’re interested in the glamour end of things, you have a commercial sensibility or you feel more at home out in the elements or documenting gritty urban scenes, it’s not enough to simply have the eye – you also need the know-how.

Potential photography career outcomes include: Photojournalist, Art Photographer, Fashion Photographer, Sports Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Property Photographer, Advertising Photographer, Medical Photographer, Scientific Photographer, Social Photographer.

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