10 Top-Paying Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For In 2019

Posted August 27, 2019, by Elesha

Think you need a degree to land an exciting role with a great salary to boot? You’re about to be surprised! We’ve put together 10 of the best jobs you don’t need a degree for in 2019 –  some could even net you a 6-figure salary!

#1 – Executive Assistant to CEO or CFO

It’s an understatement to say execs at the top of the corporate game have a lot going on. 

Their executive assistants have a very important role in their working life; taking care of everything from administrative duties, travel bookings and even personal errands. You might not need a degree but you will need beyond amazing organisational and communication skills. In many cases, supporting execs at that level, you’ll also need to be ok with dealing with urgent items, like travel arrangements, outside office hours. 

At the highest levels, working as a PA or EA can be extremely lucrative – top executive EAs can earn over $100 000.

Useful course – Certificate III in Business Administration

#2 – Executive Manager

It may take years to work your way up to a senior executive role and a chunky pay-packet, but you don’t need a degree to get there. 

The incredible leadership qualities top-paid execs possess aren’t honed at University; they come from years of experience managing people and unparalleled industry knowledge.

In ICT, finance, and mining $300k+ salaries are the norm for senior managers. 

You might not need a degree but it’s a smart idea to take management and leadership courses throughout your career to speed up progression to the top spot! 

Useful courses: Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

#3 – Real Estate Agent

Top-performing real estate agents working with high-end residential properties have the potential to earn BIG dollars. 

Estate agents support and assist homebuyers to purchase a property and also work for property vendors to achieve the best price they can when selling. They have a deep understanding of the property market and the often complex issues surrounding the property. 

How much you can earn as an agent depends on the number of transactions you complete, the commission that’s paid to the brokerage, and your split with the sponsoring broker. 

You don’t need a degree to get started in the industry but you’ll need relevant licensing and registration requirements in your state or territory.

Useful course: Graduate Diploma Of Property 

#4 – Workplace Health & Safety  (WHS) Managers

Work Health & Safety might not be the most thrilling sounding niche but managers have the potential to earn a seriously decent wage – and they don’t need a degree. WHS managers have many responsibilities but a few key aspects of the role include – 

  • Identify hazards and risks to health and safety arising from the work environment
  • Investigate, or assist in the investigation of, any incidents that occurred at the business or undertaking
  • Establish educational and training programs on matters relating to work health and safety

According to Hays 2019/2020 salary guide, WHS managers can earn anywhere from  $90k-$160k per annum. 

Useful courses:Diploma of Work Health and Safety

#5 – Data Scientist

Do you need a degree to be a data scientist?

It helps, but it’s absolutely possible to learn data science without one and land a job in this rapidly growing, and lucrative industry. Jobs in the data sector are expected to total nearly 3 million positions by 2020.

Data scientists are analytical data experts with technical skills who solve complex problems and assist a business in its decision-making process. They’re multifaceted and insightful with the ability to see connections and patterns in data. 

According to Payscale, the average pay for a Data Scientist is AU$117,916 per year.

Useful course: Data Science Immersive

#6 – Tech Startup Founder

Could you be the founder of the next Amazon or Facebook?

Startups, especially in the tech space, have created more multi-millionaires (and billionaires!) in the past decade than any other time in history. 

While launching a startup doesn’t require an advanced degree, there are some specific skills every successful entrepreneur needs and the right preparation is key.  

If you’re thinking of taking on Zuckerberg for world social media domination, there are a few steps that might need to come first. 

  • Work at a tech startup to learn the ropes
  • Find mentors
  • Get yourself some basic coding skills
  • Network, network, network

What’s the earning potential? Well, in 2019, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) is worth 66 billion and Jeff Besos (Amazon founder) 109 billion….so…a LOT. 

Useful courses Diploma of Business or Javascript Development Part Time.

#7 – Pilot 

Just because you don’t need a degree to become a commercial pilot, doesn’t mean you don’t need serious commitment and skill. There are three stages to this exciting and nicely compensated career –

  • First stage – Learning to fly – student pilots
  • Second stage – Getting your recreational pilot licence or your private pilot licence
  • Third stage – Getting your commercial pilot licence or your air transport pilot licence

During the first and second stage, you’ll need to rack up at least 200 hours flying time before you can try for your commercial pilot or air transport licence. That’s where the money is at!

The average pay for an Airline Pilot or Copilot is AU$102,537 and can range between 60k – 206k. 

# 8 – YouTuber

20 years ago, no kid ever said –

“Mum, when I grow up I wanna be a Youtuber!”

Now? It’s a (sort of) legit career option.

Becoming a global YouTube sensation boasting millions of followers is a super lucrative earning opportunity and one you don’t need a degree for.

What do you need? Well, something that people want to see more of – travel adventures, fitness regimes, clever tricks or you playing Call Of Duty. Yup, anything. 

In 2019, the highest-paid Youtuber in the world apparently earns 6.5 million pounds per month. No, that is not a typo.

Useful courses: Diploma of Social Media Marketing

#9 – Gas, Petroleum and Oil Power Plant Operators

Many plant operators in the Australian oil and gas industry don’t need a degree to take home a hefty paycheck.

Plant operators supervise the operation of an industrial plant. They’re in charge of running the equipment needed to generate electricity, including boilers, turbines, pumps, fans, etc, usually from a centralised control room. 

While the job doesn’t require a university degree, you’ll need mechanical aptitude, strong mathematical skills and the ability to cope with the physical demands of the job.

The average Power Plant Operator salary per annum is AU$90,000 and can range from 32k – 192k

#10 – Construction Manager

Opting to learn a skilled trade over completing a tertiary education could really pay off. 

Construction managers have the responsibility of supervising and managing all contractors and labourers on the construction site and lead building projects from start to finish. The best-paying roles are in commercial construction, like schools, office buildings or hospitals. 

You don’t need a degree but it’s a big job with big responsibilities – which is why it pays the big bucks. Construction managers on average earn a $155,463 a year.

The average Construction Manager Salary per annum is AU$110,766 and can range from 62k – 172k.

Useful course – Diploma Of Building And Construction Management  


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