11 Best Apps For Students In 2020

Posted March 11, 2020, by Elesha

From improving study techniques and productivity to keeping your stress levels and health in check, here are 11 of the best apps for students to help optimise all aspects of your busy student life.

Best Study Apps To Optimise Study Time 

Time is precious and you want to make the most of it during your planned, or impromptu, study sessions. These apps will help you do exactly that!

Freedom – For blocking distractions 

D-I-S-T-R-A-C-T-I-O-N-S are the #1 enemy of productive study sessions!

An all-in-one distraction blocker, Freedom blocks all websites and apps that will tempt you to fall down random internet rabbit holes or into hour-long social scrolling sessions when you should be studying.

No matter if you’re using a computer, tablet, or phone it can sync blocks across all of your devices.  You can even plan out distraction-free study sessions in advance by scheduling them into Freedom.

StudyBlue – To access your notes and study wherever you are

Study on the bus, or waiting in line for a burger with StudyBlue. This free mobile app gives you instant access to all of your notes and flashcards for revision any time you have a few minutes spare to squeeze in some extra study time. 

SoundNote To capture lecture notes

One of the best apps for students, SoundNote really is a game changer. It allows you to record lectures while tracking what notes you type and draw – so you’ll never miss a detail!  

Just tap what you wrote and SoundNote will play the audio to help you fill in the blanks. Audio notes are recorded in standard M4A format

Available for iOS – recommended for use on iPad or MAC for note-taking capabilities

Forest – A fun way to help you focus on one task at a time

This app puts a fun spin on staying focused! You ‘plant a seed’ whenever you start work on a task you want to stay focused on and set a time period to work on the task.

Your seed grows into a tree the longer you focus on your work – but if you navigate away from the task, the tree withers and dies. The most productive users cultivate and grow entire virtual forests of trees! It’s an awesome app if you need a little visual stimulation and extra incentive to stay productive.

Best Study Apps To Stay Organised

Organised students really give themselves the edge! Want to be one? You can with these apps. 

Egenda – For planning your assignment and homework schedule

Super simple to use, Egenda will help you keep track of all your assignment due dates and homework in one place. Trying to keep track of your assignments in your regular calendar when it’s full of meetings and appointments can mean they get lost and due dates sneakily creep up. 

Set up notifications so you can see what’s due the next day, overdue, and due today.

Evernote – Keep all your information in one place 

Evernote is one of the best apps for students who want a second (more reliable!) brain to serve as the ultimate repository for all the snippets of information they want to remember.

Essentially Evernote is a virtual file cabinet that you can organise exactly how you like.

It allows you to “clip” information from different websites and articles and save it all on one page, easily collaborate with others on group projects and scan paper notes plus make them searchable – to name just a few capabilities. 

Exam Countdown – A gentle countdown to your most important dates

Keep track of your exam dates and preparation with Exam Countdown. This app counts down daily to your exams to help keep your study focus up and momentum in full swing.

Exam Countdown also allows you to share what stage you’re at on social media which can help keep your study group peers motivated and on-track too. 

Best Apps To Keep Your Health And Stress Levels In Check

These apps will help keep your physical health and mental wellbeing a priority during those busy, stressful times of student life. 

Headspace – Get into your Zen zone during stressful periods

Regular mindfulness practice—even micro-sessions of just a few minutes—can improve cognitive performance as well as resilience to study stress. The wildly popular Headspace app can help you get your daily dose of mindfulness meditation on.

As a bonus, there is even a discounted Headspace plan, especially for students!

7 Minute WorkoutQuick fitness for busy student life

This is one of the best apps for students with super busy schedules. 

Taking just 7 minutes to get active on even the craziest study days is a fitness investment your body will thank you for. This app delivers a quick daily session of 12 high-intensity body weight exercises for 30 seconds per exercise, 10 seconds rest between exercises.

Best Apps For Students To Save Money

Pretty much every student, especially those studying full time, is keen to make their budget stretch a little further. Behold, the best apps for students to save money!

The Happiest Hour – Daily deals on local dining and happy hours

$4 wines and $1 serves of buffalo wings are at your fingertips with the Happiest Hour app. Find the meal discounts and local happy hours in all Australia’s capital cities so you can enjoy dining out and staying social on a student budget!

Budget Bytes Delicious Recipes For Small Budgets

For a teeny purchase price, this app will save a hungry student serious dollars. With more than 500 recipes, Budget Bytes proves eating on a student budget doesn’t have to mean endless nights of ramen noodle dinners or baked beans on toast lunches! 

For more tips on how to win at student life, check out How To Save Money While Studying Full Time and How To Unlock Your Learning Style. 



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