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Are you allergic to your job?

Time is flying by faster than a sneeze and it’s spring already – the season for regeneration and growth. As your brain thaws out and the sun streams through your workplace window, you may find yourself seeing things in a different light. All of a sudden your nose starts to itch, your eyes start to water and you feel restless.

Could you be allergic to your job?

We’ve identified some occupational symptoms that might suggest it’s time for you to grow in a different direction.

Are you allergic to your career?
Don't ignore the signs
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Short of breath

Allergic reactions can restrict breathing, but so can anxiety caused by stressful situations. If your chest is as tight as your work schedule, maybe it’s time to take a deep breath and re-evaluate your role.

Watery eyes 

Watery eyes are often a sign of hay fever, but can also be the result of workplace misery. If the thought of going to work reduces you to tears, maybe it’s time to dry your eyes and look for something that makes you happier.


Adverse allergic reactions can include abdominal pain and bloating. Other causes of bloating can include too many trips to the office vending machine. If your workplace is turning you into a bingeing comfort eater, maybe it’s time to think about career boot camp.


Your sinus problems may be coming from your dusty desk … or is the dust settling on you because you’re stuck in a rut? If your job isn’t taking you anywhere but the chemist, maybe it’s time to sniff out a new one.

While the grass can be greener on the other side, it may be just as full of proverbial pollen. When you hand in your notice, make sure you’re not being rash and that you’ve thought it through. Sometimes a cure is as simple as changing companies but if you’re not happy in your industry, there are plenty of online courses available to help your career blossom in a new patch of professional soil. 

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