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Actor sample job advertisement

This sample job advertisement for an actor has an actor sample resume and an actor sample cover letter specifically written to help you put together a winning job application.

The Riverside Theatre is proud to announce its spring 2009 production of The Tweets.

Based on the acclaimed novel by Yvette Steel, this original stage production of The Tweets follows the lives of four members of the Tweet family over the course of four decades.

The touching interwoven tales of these disparate yet desperately attached individuals questions the morality and mortality of the lives we lead.

Directed by Chris Blair, music by Thea Jones and costumes by Paul De Rees – The Tweets is set to be one of the hottest plays of the year.

We are looking to cast the parts of Jordan, Mirabella, Samantha and Tadge.

Auditions will be held at the Riverside Theatre at 7pm on August 30.

Please send your resume prior to that date to company director Dennis Cloud.