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Michaela Angela

75 Louvre Rd
Hitchings NSW 2395
T: (02) 6494 7315
M: 0470 255 310
E: [email protected]

Professional Overview

I am a qualified and professional arts administrator, with experience in both festivals and theatre. An exceptionally organised manager with excellent communication skills, financial nous and a strong ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, I have an appreciation of the vital role of the arts in the community. It is my goal to work for a respected arts organisation where I can continue to make an important contribution to Australia’s cultural landscape.


Graduate Certificate in Arts Management
Armidale, NSW
University of New England
Graduated: 2008


Bachelor of Arts
Griffith University via OUA
Graduated: 2006


Employment History

November 2010 – Present
Arts Administrator, Fourth Wall Theatre
Sully Hills, NSW

Fourth Wall is a beloved cultural theatre icon in Sydney.


  • Organise and promote new productions
  • Help to develop and implement the theatre’s creative vision and strategic marketing, including using online media
  • Seek sponsorship and funding from governments, community groups and industry
  • Write funding applications
  • Negotiate contracts with artists and performers
  • Coordinate sale of publications and public relations
  • Manage budget preparation
  • Send out press releases and act as media liaison


  • Oversaw period of increased theatre attendance, up 20% in 2011
  • Facilitated a twofold increase in media coverage in 2011
  • Secured a 15% increase in government funding
  • Contributed significantly to theatre’s new branding and creative direction
January 2008 – November 2010
Arts Administrator, Here Now Arts Festival
Geroa, NSW

The Here Now Arts Festival is a renowned arts event on the NSW South Coast showcasing national and international performers and artists.


  • Help to develop festival program in conjunction with festival team/management
  • Work with marketing team to create unified brand vision
  • Create partnerships with local key industry organisations
  • Negotiate contracts with writers, thinkers, performers, musicians, dancers, researchers, visual artists and media personalities
  • Organise sound, lighting and stage management contracts
  • Liaise with local and international media
  • Document budget and report to festival board
  • Create a positive, supportive and fun work environment for all staff
  • Ensure festival working conditions consistently comply with all regulatory requirements


  • Negotiated a 30% increase in funding for second and third years

Personal Interests

Reading, wine tasting and salsa dancing.


Grant Darling
Theatre Director
Fourth Wall Theatre
T: 5382 2127
E: [email protected]
Arthur Happens
Festival Director
Here Now Performing Arts Festival
T: (02) 3409 0200
E: [email protected]
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