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Tom Hansen

500 Summer Lane
Sim City, VIC 3000
M: 0400 000 000
E: [email protected]

Professional Profile

Architecture graduate with team spirit and a positive, can-do attitude. Highly organised with well developed communication and problem-solving skills. Keen to apply an extensive knowledge of architectural design and planning to a practical setting.

Key Skills and Characteristics

Architectural design knowledge
Extensive academic and practical experience in architectural design and planning, with skills in research and field studies.

Team player
An employee who values the team environment, with the capacity to be a constructive team member and a supportive team leader.

Communication skills
Well developed written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to cooperate effectively with colleagues and team members to solve problems.


Master of Urban and Regional Planning
Armidale, NSW
University of New England
Graduated: 2011


Bachelor of Architecture
Sim City, VIC
Sim City University
Graduated: 2010


Employment History

October 2010 – December 2010
Assistant Designer, CONstruct Institute
Sim City, VIC


  • Student's dormitory at Lego College
  • Portishead Conservatorium of Music at Lego College


  • Assisted with design for primary projects
  • Constructed handmade models of the buildings
  • Provided construction drawings
  • Communicated with project clients
May 2009 – April 2010
Project Assistant, Framework Urban Planning Institute
Sim City, VIC


  • Tourism planning of five regions and one street in the Duplo wine region
  • Program planning of the Building Blocks Theme Park
  • Program planning of the extension of Highrise Hotel


  • Conducted primary feasibility research
  • Visited the sites and compiled the related field research
  • Collated general information relating to the projects
  • Communicated with the relevant local governments and citizens


Program Proficiency
Microsoft Office Advanced
AutoCAD Advanced
ArchiCAD Intermediate
SketchUp Advanced
3D Studio MAX Advanced
Corel DRAW Advanced
Adobe Creative Suite Advanced
Artlantis Studio Intermediate


May 2010
Team-work thesis The Research and Analysis of Communal Spaces in Sim City was awarded first prize in the ‘Field Investigations of City Space and Architecture in Sim City’ competition arranged by the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Sim City.

Other Activities

Arranged by the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Sim City University:
2010 – Field Investigations of Traditional Architecture and City Space
2010 – Field Investigations of City Space and Architecture in Sim City
2009 – Field Investigations of Traditional Architecture and the Olympic Buildings in Athenstown
2008 – Field Investigations and Architectural Sketching of Historical Villages


Available upon request.

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