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Stacey Walters
10 Drury Lane
Georgetown NSW 2970
0410 000 000
(02) 9111 2222
[email protected]

16 March 2011

Ashley Hannigan
Teen Dream
114/59 Coburn Ave
Sydney NSW 2000

Dear Ms Hannigan

Re: Magazine work experience position

I am writing to apply for a work experience position with Teen Dream magazine.

I am a long-term and avid reader of Teen Dream, having read it since I was 12. It is by far my favourite magazine because of its unique mix of stories and advice to appeal to every teenager.

I am in Year 12 at Georgetown High School and am a high achiever in both my studies and sport. I consistently gain distinctions in my subjects and have been first in my English class for the past two years. I am also captain of the school netball team.

In addition to attending school I have also worked part time at McDonald’s for over two years, first as a crew member and now as a crew trainer. I enjoy working with people and have appreciated the opportunity to gain work experience and be part of a hard-working team.

Outside of school, my great passions are reading and writing. I write short stories in my spare time as well as articles for the school newspaper. I always have a couple of books on the go and especially enjoy reading biographies and fiction.

I am very keen to gain first-hand experience of magazine publishing and am willing to do whatever tasks are required. I am disciplined and hard-working, enthusiastic and energetic, and I love working with both people and words.

It is my ultimate goal to one day work in magazine publishing and there is no magazine I would rather work for than Teen Dream. My resume is attached and I look forward to being able to discuss the opportunity to work with you further.

Kind Regards

[sign here]

Stacey Walters

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