Molecular biologist sample job advertisement

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Molecular Biologist – Research Officer

Job number – 982567

The Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) is one of Australia's premier biomedical research institutes and is situated at the Northern University, Brisbane, Australia. It houses 28 research groups in the divisions of Computational Biology and Genomics, Molecular Cell Biology, and Molecular Genetics and Development. Our emphasis is on quality basic research and its translation into medical and biotechnological outcomes.

The IMB is equipped with state-of-the-art research infrastructure including mouse and zebrafish facilities, advanced imaging, genome-wide shRNA expression libraries, microarray, advanced bioinformatics, proteomics and histology, supporting all aspects of contemporary molecular genetics and cell biology research.

The role

This position will sit at the core of a small team devoted to unravelling how a set of recently discovered small RNAs, namely tiRNAs and spliRNAs, are involved in the epigenetic behaviours that govern RNA transcription and splicing. The work will be exciting, leveraging off the latest laboratory setup and sequencing technologies and pushing the boundaries in RNomics.

The person

Applicants should have a PhD with a strong background in molecular biology and basic statistics, and be able to provide examples of their ability to problem-solve and innovate. Experience with small RNA analysis techniques and immunoprecipitations is a definite plus. An ability to communicate easily and effectively with others in a team environment is essential.

To apply, address your application to:

Dr Terry Rafter
IMB Group Leader
Northern University
68 Rockfern Lane
Brisbane QLD 4001

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