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Dr Claire Campbell

21 Rounder Street
Bourke QLD 4187
T: (07) 8222 3333
M: 0400 111 444
E: [email protected]

Professional Summary/Overview

Molecular biologist with extensive laboratory experience, particularly in the field of RNomics – the identification and function of small non-messenger RNAs. Highly organised, with well-developed communication and a strong team spirit and time management skills. Recently returned to Australia after completing a PhD at the University of Cambridge.


Doctor of Philosophy Degree
Thesis topic: Molecular genetics of bacteria and their plasmids: a study of indole
as an intra-cellular messenger
Cambridge, UK
University of Cambridge
Graduated: 2011


Honours Degree
Thesis topic: Molecular analysis of cell polarity and mRNA localisation in Drosophila
Adelaide, SA
University of Adelaide
Graduated: 2006


Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry Major)
Adelaide, SA
University of Adelaide
Graduated: 2005


Employment History

December 2011 – Present
Research Assistant, Institute for Molecular Cell Biology
University of Sunbeams
Sunshine Coast, QLD

Project scope:

  • Studying aspects of developmental gene regulation and chromatin structure in Drosophila using microarray-based gene expression analysis and chip-on-chip
  • Investigating the function of Sox-domain transcription factors in CNS and testis development, and the role of Hox proteins in morphogenesis
  • Utilising a range of live-cell imaging, biochemistry, molecular biology and computational tools to determine the functional organisation of centromere domains
January 2008 – November 2011
PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK

Project scope:

  • Studied the role of site-specific recombination, replication and cell cycle control in the inheritance of multicopy plasmids of E. coli
  • Investigated the function of Rcd (a small regulatory RNA) which stimulates indole production
  • Determined the role of indole as an intra-cellular messenger regulating key aspects of the bacterial cell cycle
February 2007 – December 2007
Ski Instructor, Hilltops Ski Lodge
Whistler, Canada


  • Taught beginner and intermediate ski lessons
  • Developed the training course for new ski instructors
  • Participated in the marketing programs for the ski lodge
  • Worked with a team of other ski instructors to redesign the website for the ski lodge
  • Was responsible for distributing weather reports to all staff at the ski lodge


Campbell, C., Goldsmith B., Russell, A. Cell replication in the bacterial cell cycle is adversely affected by high levels of indole. Cell, vol 353, pp 2945-57, 2011.

Faber, D., Goldsmith B., Campbell, C. The bacterial cell cycle as regulated by indole. Molecular Biology, vol 36, pp 934-52, 2010.

Goldsmith, B., Russell, A., Campbell, C. The function of Rcd as a stimulator of indole production in E. coli, a literature review. Nature, vol 435, pp 693-710, 2008.


October 2010 – Frankfurt University, Cell Division Forum (did not present)

June 2009 – Auckland University, Genome Conference. Presented a poster Cell cycle control in the inheritance of multicopy plasmids of E. coli

August 2008 – Berlin University, Cell Biology Forum. Presented a poster Is indole a key intracellular messenger for the bacterial cell cycle?


Brian Goldsmith
PhD supervisor
Cambridge University
T: +44 (0) 797 9111 000
E: [email protected]
Kate Evergreen
Hilltops Ski Lodge
T: +1 (0) 394 9333 000
E: [email protected]
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