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Boosting Graduate Employability Through Practical Work Experience

It’s every graduate job seeker’s conundrum: you need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience. A university qualification is often seen as a reliable indicator of future employability, but increasingly a college degree can no longer guarantee a foot in the door. The 2015 Australian Graduate Survey showed that over one-third of graduates were still searching for full-time employment four months after completing their degree.

There’s no question that work experience can improve your employability, build your network and give you an insight into the real world of work. But we know that it’s not always easy to juggle classes with finding an internship that gives you experience in more than just photocopying or making coffee.

Recognising the disconnect between the knowledge graduates have and the skills employers want, the Australian School of Management (ASM) has designed its business degrees with a focus on practical work experience. All degrees offer a unique hands-on component in the form of a paid 16-week internship in the final semester. Students work with an internship coordinator to determine the best placement that aligns with their career goals, and are mentored throughout the process.

Students also benefit from ASM’s strong industry ties, so they can gain valuable practical skills to complement their theoretical foundation in business. The resulting work experience gives them the chance to get their hands dirty in a real-life industry environment, while gaining valuable skills, networking opportunities and exposure to the challenges of a typical business setting. Student internships are available at top-tier institutions throughout Australia and overseas; a number of students have successfully completed internships in Malaysia, Canada and Mauritius.

And that’s not all. The class sizes at each of ASM’s campuses in Melbourne and Perth are kept small, facilitating a more supportive learning environment and greater opportunity for interaction between lecturers and students. Students are also supported during their degree through academic skills workshops, counselling services and employment assistance.

So if you can’t wait to get down to business, ASM has got you covered. Courses offering the 16-week internship program include:

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