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Fixated on fitness

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be running a half-marathon these days, going CrossFit crazy or toughing it out with Tough Mudder? Raving on about core strength? Pledging a no-sugar month or Instagramming their homemade low-carb-high-protein snacks? Australia just can’t stop talking about fitness – but let’s face it, it’s about time.

We’re all shocked by the projections: by 2025 over three quarters of Australians are set to be overweight or obese and 3 million will have adult diabetes. With obesity now killing three times more people than malnutrition, the tide has definitely turned, and it’s no wonder we’re all throwing out the chips and reaching for the chia seeds.

If you have caught yourself yakking about nailing a yoga pose or winning your CrossFit challenge a little too often, then you might also be toying with the idea of going from fitness freak to fitness guru – and there would be no better time. With participation set to increase from 4 million to 7.15 million by 2020, it appears our fitness fixation is here to stay.

With celebrity trainers as popular as celebrity chefs, the fitness industry is enjoying a high-profile moment – and the conditions cannot be beaten. Unshackled from the office, working flexible hours and seeing your clients get happier and healthier – what could be better? The industry agrees, with the 2009 Sportspeople Workplace Survey showing 85.1 per cent of respondents from the sport, fitness and aquatic sectors were either satisfied or very satisfied in their jobs.

Whether you picture yourself muscling-up your fellow mums or working your way onto Australia’s sporting fields, a career in the fitness industry can be as dynamic as you make it – and the fitness industry is calling out for a diversity of trainers. One of the oldest Australian academies in the industry, ACPE, has been going strong since 1912 and has seen the growth in fitness first-hand.

They recognise that to make it in the industry, trainers need to be supported in their passion and encouraged to find their niche. Graduate Rob Rowland-Smith has trained Kelly Slater, Layne Beachley and the Parramatta Eels, and he knows what it means to build relationships:

‘ACPE was an easy decision for me. I loved the practical approach they took. They focus on more than just academics. Studying helped me realise that not only did I love fitness, I loved sharing my skills and experience with others and watching them grow as a result’.

Celebrate ACPE Academy's birthday!

If you are ready to spread the wellbeing, you should act soon. ACPE is currently celebrating its birthday with a special offer (valued at $880!) for August enrolments that includes:

For a career in fitness, see our range of ACPE courses.

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