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LCPs take up the challenge

A delivery boy with a box of Career FAQs books
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LCPs (Local Community Partnerships) across the country are showing their commitment to getting top-quality career resources into secondary schools, with many purchasing sets of Career FAQs books for each school in their region.

With sets of 37 books available for only $350, career organisations are taking advantage of an offer which allows them to save more than $800 per set of books.

LCPs are government-funded regional organisations which offer schools a range of services and support, including structured workplace learning and career advice and planning, to ensure that young people are heading in the right direction. There are 128 LCPs covering 213 regions in Australia.

One organisation which has pitched in to get comprehensive career resources into schools is IN-STEP: Industry School Training Partnership Association Inc, an LCP that covers some 36 secondary schools in North Queensland.

Dean Wilson from IN-STEP considered the Career FAQs books an ideal thankyou gift to the schools and was won over by the quality and the number of industries and jobs covered in the books.

'There is such a comprehensive range of books and we were most impressed by the career areas that have been overlooked in the past; books like Extreme, Be Your Own Boss, Work from Home – these sorts of resources aren't readily available so it certainly gives the teachers and young people a broader look at what's available', he said.

Caroline Gardner from the Hills LCP in North-West Sydney also purchased sets of books for her schools.

'We already knew that career advisers liked the resources and jumped at the chance of being able to offer this kind of resource to our schools', she said.

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