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Sprucing up your workspace

Our workspace is our home away from home and putting a bit of thought into your designated area can help you create a little oasis when you’re struggling to meet deadlines and make it to the other side of Friday. Although we don’t all have the luxury of working for Google, a cool office space can help help make work that little bit more bearable! No matter if your cubicle is only a metre square or you have the luxury of a big corner office, here are some ways you can bring some fun into your working day.

A cool coffee mug

Nothing says ‘good morning’ more than a fresh cup of coffee. So why not enhance your morning ritual with a quirky mug to give you another reason to pep up every morning. You’ll be the envy of the breakout room.

A fun calendar or clock

We all know you’re counting down the minutes until 5pm, so at least do it in style with a fun and retro alternative. And when you’re planning when to use up the rest of your annual leave, a cute desk calendar can help you while away the days until you’re finally on the plane.

An awesome poster

If the only view your desk came with was the printing machine, then enhance your outlook with a collection of cool prints. Remind yourself of the value of teamwork, indulge in your love of typography or help keep your positivity when your in-tray is overflowing with our selections.

Quirky stationery

Sure, you may not need a giant pencil sharpener for a desk tidy and your productivity would probably be the same if your USB wasn’t in the shape of a penguin wearing a tuxedo, but like they say, ‘it’s the little things that count’. Let’s face it, anything that puts a smile on your face is a good thing – and in a stressful work environment, it’s a great thing. 

What have you done to spice up your work life? Send us your examples of your interior design genius!

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