See How You Can Study With No Prerequisites

Posted January 16, 2019, by Kristina Mitic

When you’re passionate about something, you should be able to do it. The last thing you want is someone telling you your dream career is impossible.

And why would it be? Simply because you lack the right pre-requisites for it? 

No way!

That can be a bit of a bummer, but it’s definitely just a bump on the road.

There’s always a way to continue the learning path, grow and improve your skills. Before we move onto the options available, let’s go over the basics…

What Are Pre-requisites?

Put simply, is a requirement you need to meet before taking a specific class. These are put into place for good reason. Being able to meet the pre-requisites for a particular course will ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to understand the course you’re taking. It’s pretty simple: you can’t take 2nd year German, before completing the 1st year course. Or think of it like building a house: you can’t build the roof before the foundation is laid.

The Big Issue

The problem with the approach is in the inflexibility of it.

If pre-requisites are standing in your way then students may feel they need to change their minds about their future. You could have left school in order to start working and now need a degree to get a promotion. Or maybe you decided to change industries, which often means you have no theoretical or practical knowledge needed to find a job.

Whatever the reason, it can get frustrating when you realise a pre-requisite is standing in your way of study and your big dream. If you’re determined to don that graduation gown and hat but feel like you’ve hit a major blocker, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Every provider has their own set of pre-requisites so it’s important to do your research. See our path to success plan and how you can study with no pre-requisites.  

The Path to Success 

Getting a Certificate

To start with, if you’re looking for something with zero pre-requisites you should look into certificate courses. Signing up to study a nationally recognised certificate will start building your skills, knowledge and widen your possibilities. There’s a right course for you no matter the field you choose. Here are some of our top picks:

Look into Studying a Diploma

Want to advance your study and take your level of expertise one step further? A diploma can be the perfect stepping stone! In order to be eligible to study a diploma course, you need to be above the age of 16 years. Similarly, you need to have finished year 10/11 OR have completed hold a relevant certificate course. However, if those two are not an option, relevant work experience can help get you enrolled in a course. your career in a range of fields with these courses:

Select the Right Undergraduate Programme

Even inside the undergraduate world, there’s a world of choices to be made. Should you go for an Associate Degree or a Bachelor Degree? Part-time or full-time study? Ideal course length?

Many think that to consider a university undergrad course they need to meet the provider’s ATAR requirements. However, generally, it is possible for relevant work experience to supplement for that. There is also the possibility of entry if you already hold a diploma in the relevant field. 

Now that we went over what you’ll need in order to enrol, here are our top picks for undergraduate courses:

Things to Keep in Mind

Most universities let relevant work experience compensate for a lack of formal training. Therefore, if have five years of experience, you can work toward a Graduate Certificate. This is an accelerated path towards a Master’s degree. Even a year of experience can serve as a replacement for pre-requisites. This will make your path to a Diploma or Bachelor easier!

There’s no shame in taking it one step at a time. For example, you can start with a Certificate and see what doors that opens. Soon, you could realise that some interesting Diploma courses have come up. Remember that it’s not a race, enjoy your learning journey and take it all in. 

Bottom Line 

There’s nothing and no one that should stop you from working towards a better future. If getting a degree is something that will get you a promotion or even “just” a better confidence level, you should always have the option of working at it.

Learning is a life-long journey: look into all your options before calling it quits. There are hundreds of online courses right at your fingertips- take advantage of them and find one that works for you. 

Kristina Mitic

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