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Job interview question and answer: How would you go about learning to use new software or programs?

Demonstrate your willingness to learn
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Most workplaces rely on specific software and programs to manage important facets of their business. CRMs, CMSs, databases … Due to the sheer number of different computer tools and programs out there, it’s more than likely that you will need to learn new technical skills on the job.

We all have different ways of learning and developing new skills. When answering this question you want to demonstrate to the recruiter that you have a methodical and positive approach to learning new things.

You need to show that you aren’t afraid of new technology, and that you learn quickly and efficiently. The best way to show this is by citing an example of when you’ve done this in the past. For example, you could say that in your current job you had to learn how to use the company’s content management system and email database, which were all new systems to you.

You started by taking notes during training to ensure you remembered all the details and steps involved. By keeping these notes handy and reviewing them regularly, you reinforced the training and always had a ready reference whenever you needed to jog your memory.

You then went about familiarising yourself with the system, taking every opportunity to give it a go until you became comfortable and adept at it. You asked questions whenever you got stuck (especially at the beginning), but mostly tried to work things out for yourself as the programs tended to be logical and intuitive. Before too long, you were helping to train new staff in how to use the systems!

By using an example like this, you’ll show a prospective employer that you have a positive attitude, initiative, an openness to leaning new things, and an ability to learn quickly and independently. It’s a winning combination that will be music to an employer’s ears. 

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