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The true blue guide to Aussie jobs

With Australia Day in our rear-view mirror, it’s a good time to reflect on what keeps our nation chugging. The fact that today is a public holiday plays right into the stereotype that Australians love to do as little as possible. But when we actually are toiling for wealth, our occupations are about as broad as our deserts.

Here are some of the vital roles that are also typically Australian. 

Farming meme


Where would we be without the fresh produce that our farmers provide? Mother Nature isn’t always the easiest boss to get along with but farmers put up with all sorts of conditions, and a pretty bad tan line, to provide us with the many different natural products we take for granted. 

Surf lifesavers

Surf lifesaver

When people think of Australia, they think of beaches. After all, we’re an island nation that enjoys our fair share of sunny days. Another thing we can enjoy is the security in knowing someone is watching over us while we’re in the water. Australia’s surf lifesavers play a vital role for residents and tourists alike and most selflessly volunteer their time to protect us. There are some professional lifeguards, however, and the boys in blue from Bondi Rescue show us why they really do have one of the best jobs in the country.

Australian wildlife

Wildlife carer

If you love working with animals then Australia is definitely the place for you. From parks and wildlife services, sanctuaries and zoos to the volunteering work of the wildlife rescuers from WIRES, there is no shortage of animal occupations for any budding Crocodile Hunters out there.

Tradie dog


Tradies are basically anyone whose job involves learning a professional trade, including electricians, plumbers, mechanics and construction workers. Not only are they the backbone of our infrastructure, they can also score a free breakfast from Bunnings on a Saturday.

Last pub for 897km


It’s no secret that Australians like a cool beverage after a hard day of work. It should then come as no surprise that publicans are very popular people (especially with the group above). Not only are they satisfying hard-earned thirsts Australia-wide, they can often end up being unofficial counsellors as well. 

Tourism Australia ad

Hospitality worker

Australia is a popular tourist destination, with our white sandy beaches, our laid back attitude and plenty of ‘shrimp’ (ahem, prawns) on the barbie. It’s the hospitality workers, from baristas to hoteliers, who make our visitors’ experience something to write home about. In fact, we can be so hospitable as a nation that many people stick around to call Australia home.

There are plenty more roles out there that keep our country going. What do you think are the most iconic Australian jobs?

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