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Job Interview Question And Answer: If You Were A Brand, Which Would You Be?

Showcasing your personal brand in an interview - are you like Apple?

Are you innovative and creative like Apple or bright and cheeky like Virgin? This interview question is an opportunity to sell your capabilities and personality while showing off a bit of your general knowledge. Here are some tips to tackle this interesting brain-teaser.

Media or advertising agencies are the most likely to ask this kind of question, so it’s a great idea to choose a brand that is well known or a leader in its industry. You want to associate with the best and draw on the brand’s selling points to make a connection with yourself.

Make sure you highlight personal attributes that are specifically relevant to the position you are interviewing for. If it’s an administration position, you could liken yourself to IKEA because you are practical and have a range of creative organisation solutions. If it’s a marketing position, you could compare yourself to Twitter because you are an influential communicator and connect easily with others. For a busy junior sales position, you may be like Energizer batteries, with boundless energy and able to go the extra mile to get the job done.

There are, of course, some brands that you may want to avoid. You want to demonstrate that you are in touch with current markets and social trends, so stay away from brands that are no longer popular or relevant. If you choose a less well-known brand which is a favourite of yours, be sure to clearly express what the brand does well within its niche market. Even if it may seem humorous to do so at the time, don’t associate yourself with brands with dubious connotations such as alcohol, cigarette or lowbrow product brands.

When answering this question, the most important thing is to elaborate on two or three clear attributes that you share with the brand you choose, and how it resonates with your own personal brand.

Use this opportunity to tell the recruiter something about yourself that they may not be able to garner from your resume. This can include your work ethic, your talents or your sense of humour.

This is also a great opportunity to share the fact that you have thought about your own personal brand. To end your answer with a flourish (and thus make you more memorable) it's a good idea to share your personal brand statement with your interviewer to show that you can clearly articulate who you are, as well as your passions, strengths and interests. If you don't have a personal brand statement, this article will show you how (and why) to create your personal brand, including some personal brand statement examples

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