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Job Interview Question And Answer: What Are Your Strengths?

What are your strengths?

This is a classic example of how you should tailor your answer to the job. Make a list of the requirements of the job and demonstrate that you possess these, giving examples of how your strengths have helped produce excellent outcomes in previous positions.

For example, if developing business project plans is a job requirement, show how you have managed this in the past and make sure to mention that the result was that the team working on the project were appreciative that they had such a strong plan to work with, that the job was completed within the projected time frame and that you saved your employer $X.

Some generic skills-based answers include:

  • 'My time management skills are excellent. I'm organised and take pride in excelling at my work.'
  • 'I'm very good with customers and I am efficient at resolving any problems that they have. My customer service skills also help me to get along with other members of the team.'

Suggestions of other valuable strengths include: your leadership skills, problem-solving skills, ability to prioritise and work under pressure. Just make sure it correlates directly to the job you are applying for.

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