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Job Interview Question And Answer: What Do You Know About This Company?

Here's how to answer this common interview question

If you can’t answer this question, then you’re in trouble.

Before heading into the interview find out as much as you can about the company. They did their homework on you, so do them the courtesy and return the favour.

It shows you’re serious about the role, and gives you the opportunity to showcase how your strengths align with the company’s vision, values and goals.

Spend time on their website, check out their social media presence and set up Google Alerts for the company’s name and any high profile senior stakeholders. Try to find out:

  • What the company’s business model is, and what sets them apart from their competitors. Knowing what the company aims to do each day, means you’ll be able to explain how your skills can help them reach their goals.
  • What the company culture is like, and what the company values are. Knowing this means you can speak to your own values as a professional and highlight why you’d be a great cultural fit.
  • Any major milestones or events that have occurred in the past year. This might include a public float, a major restructure, or any new clients they might have won. 

Here’s an example:

Like most animators, I’ve been a fan of Pixar since I was a young kid. In fact, Brad Bird’s work has been a major influence on my animation style, and I’m really drawn to a company that picks the cream of the crop, works hard to build a collaborative environment, and really nutures creative talent.

What I love most about Pixar, is unlike other studios I’ve worked for, you always put story first. It’s the reason why Inside Out pulled over $850M worldwide at the box office, and even though I’m an animator that loves to experiment with different techniques, I too believe that story trumps slick animation every time.

I always find myself coming back to Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling when I’m struggling with a character’s arc or narrative, and it’d be a career highlight for me to workshop a story with the Pixar Braintrust.

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