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Job interview question and answer: Why should we hire you?

This is where you need to stand out from the crowd. There may be several other candidates with similar qualifications and work histories going for the same job as you – you need to give the interviewer a reason to hire you over others. The employer will want to know what you can bring to the company and how you can improve it.

First and foremost, make sure you link your talents and skills to the requirements of the position and the company – demonstrating how you are a perfect fit for their corporate culture and you meet all the criteria specified in the job description.

Second, highlight any extra skills you have to make you stand out from all the other people who also meet the criteria. Give examples of career achievements and explain how the skills and experience you have will be beneficial in the new job. Set yourself apart from the pack by showing them how you can transfer these skills across to the company you are applying for, and don't be afraid to use an example from your personal life if it's relevant. For example, you might be applying for an administration job but you helped out with newsletters and fliers for your basketball team, which has given you some extra skills with marketing.

The final clincher will be whether or not they like you – are you someone they would want as part of their team? Be confident, but don’t sound too cocky – they don’t want someone who is full of themselves – and don’t bag the other candidates – this indicates that you wouldn’t be a nice person to work with. The key is to confidently demonstrate that you are the best person for the job, but don't forget to smile and be personable.

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