4 Steps to Take When You Don’t Get Your Dream Job

Posted August 8, 2019, by Jenny

When you’re looking for a job and lose out on the role you thought was the best fit for you, it can be difficult to deal with. When you focus on one specific dream job, not getting that job can make you feel completely lost and hopeless. 

A new beginning is never easy but it is necessary for a happy and successful life. After every downfall, you need to brush yourself off and start over. If you want to know how to get back on track after losing a job you wanted, these five steps will help you go through it. 

1. Find out what went wrong

Maybe you didn’t get the job because of your qualifications. Maybe they already had someone else in mind. Maybe you made some unforgivable interview mistakes. There are so many maybes but not one certain answer.

Instead of spending hours and days trying to wrap your head around what went wrong, ask for feedback.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the company that rejected you and ask them to explain their decision. 

According to CareerSidekick, this is how you should ask for feedback:

  1. Thank them for informing you about their decision.
  2. Explain that you want to improve yourself in your job search.
  3. Ask how can you present yourself better as a candidate in future interviews
  4. End the email by thanking them again for their time and telling them you’d appreciate any feedback they can share.

With this simple approach, you’ll get all the information you need to improve your application.

2. Focus on your achievements

You’ll probably feel discouraged to move on after the rejection. This lack of confidence can stop you from pursuing your dream career.

When low self-esteem starts to overwhelm you, it is time to remember all the good things.

Sit down, take a pen and a piece of paper, and write down all your successes. You can include both business and life successes.

For example, your list can include highlights such as:

  • I gathered the courage to apply for my dream job.
  • I was a manager at _______.
  • I’m actively pursuing my career.

Be specific about what makes you proud of yourself. Looking at your achievements will remind you why you need to move forward. 

3. Take a second look at your resume

In case you haven’t even got to the interview, the problem is obvious – your resume. 

There is a chance that you simply weren’t the right fit for the job, but you should still try to analyse your resume objectively. 

First, look for any writing mistakes. Employers tend to disregard any resume with mistakes or errors. 

Then, rethink how you presented your previous experiences, skills, and goals. If you aren’t satisfied with your writing style, you can always hire a resume writer

4. Devote some time to yourself

Lastly, take some time off. You deserve some relaxation after this stressful process. There will be time to stress about a new job. But first, you need to get over this one. 

Take a short trip or spend some time with your loved ones. Do whatever makes you happy and calm.

You need to refill your energy before you get back on that roller-coaster and continue your job search. 

Final thoughts

When you don’t get that job you desperately wanted, it can seem like an end of the world. That is why you need to take these five steps and remind yourself that your journey has just started. 

If you’re still new in the field, you should give yourself some time. Be patient and focus on gaining more experience. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new sector that you’ll like even more.

This guest post was produced by career coach and editor at Top Writers Review, Daniela McVicker.


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