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Address your application to the name given on the job ad. If a name isn’t specified, call the company and ask whom you should make the application to.

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Dear [name of contact]

In the first paragraph you should briefly explain who you are and why you are writing to them. Name the position you are applying for and where you saw the position advertised. While it’s fine to start this paragraph with ‘I’, try not to start every paragraph in the same way. 

Never forget to mention which job you’re applying for. If the company is advertising more than one position, and you don’t say which position you’re interested in, they may not even consider your application – especially if they receive loads of applications.

Explain why you think you are qualified for the position, emphasising how your previous experience and transferable skills make you ideal for the role. Mention your most important qualifications (for example ‘I have just graduated from a Bachelor of Business Administration’) and what you think you would bring to the company. If the job advertisement lists selection criteria, this is the place to say how your skills and experience meet the criteria they’re looking for. 

If a job has asked that you address selection criteria separately, this can go in a separate document.

In the third paragraph, explain why you would like to work for this particular company, showing that you have done research regarding the position. 

Companies want to know that you’re interested in them and understand what they do, and what they want from their employees. You may be applying for hundreds of different jobs but you need to make each prospective employer think that their job is the only one you want.

Lastly, politely request that they consider your application, conveying your appreciation for their time. 

Being polite and enthusiastic will help to create an overall good impression.

Yours sincerely


If you have the technology to do so, scan your signature and insert it into the document.

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