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Stephanie Scope
53 Ailing Drive
Mendit NSW 2000
M: 0400 111 222
E: [email protected]


Lee Zhen
Practice Manager
Good Health Medical Centre
89 Hippocrates Road
Bedside Manor NSW 2001

Dear Mr Zhen

I would like to apply for the general practitioner position advertised on

I am a compassionate and clinically competent general practitioner with over seven years’ experience working in hospital and clinical settings throughout Australia and in the United Kingdom. During this time, I have treated a wide variety of disease states, disorders and injuries with a high rate of patient satisfaction.

I have a proven ability to establish rapport with patients and communicate effectively with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. I am capable of maintaining a high quality of care even when seeing a large volume of patients, as was the case when I practised in the UK.

In addition to my excellent clinical skills, I have demonstrated that I can be a leader and mentor to my peers. In 2010, just 12 months after starting work as Junior Medical Officer at Malaise Hospital, Queensland, I was promoted to Senior Medical Officer, a position in which I felt I was able to positively impact on the lives of both my patients and colleagues.

I would bring to this position a proven commitment to quality health care, excellent treatment and training skills, and a desire to not only treat disease, but also to maintain health and quality of life for my patients. I am also a firm believer in the importance of health promotion through public education, as well as ongoing professional development.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and experience with you in further detail.

Kind regards

Stephanie Scope

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